Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hello... Dell Customer Service.. Anybody home???

Hello I made it back.... and boy do I have a story to tell you.. Well see.. it all started back in Oct. when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her, like I always tell her, get me crafty stuff.. sewing stuff, you know that sort of thing. I would even settle for a gift card. Save on shipping costs. I think the actual things I had asked for this year were a set of wood knitting needles, a subscription to a knitting mag or fancy yarn. I gave her options this year.

Well every time I talked to her on the phone after our initial conversation... it was like what do you want for Christmas.. and I would say...didn't we already go over this? No.. what do you really want? :):):) Got to love my mom she can be funny sometimes.. Long about Dec 1 she calls me and tells me that: "you're getting a Dell for Chirstmas.. So call and pick out what you want so you can have it by Christmas"

We go through this every year.. She starts asking me what I want in Oct then she tells me in Dec what I will be getting. (see profile for other examples. :) lol)....... You know it really does not matter to me what I get for Christmas.. If you spend it with friends and family and good food.. The presents are irrelevant

So I did not order it and I did not order it.. (I was dragging my feet) My sister calls me around Dec. 12 and tells me in no uncertain terms.. "Would you just order that darn computer already so mom will stop bothering me to bother you about ordering it" (my mom is sneaky but good) My sister was 7 and a half months pregnant at the time and did not need anymore stress so I promised I would order it that day. I did order it that day.. got my confirmation email and everything.. It was on the way..

And here is where all the fun begins..

They sent the wrong one... Yes they did.. and Dell customer service is non existant.. because no one speaks Engish.. Well at least not anyone that I spoke to. Well after about 12 phone calls and 5 emails.. and then my mom calling 4 or 5 times it was straightened out.. sort of.. the flash drive and the surge protector just arrived thursday but the 70 dollars worth of ink cartridges are still MIA.

So Dell if you are reading this... Please send my ink already... I have crafty things I need to do.

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