Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first swap items are finished!!!

So, like I didn't already have enough to do with my crazy busy schedule.. I have also joined this. I love it, just finished my first items to be mailed.

For this swap.. I had to either make or buy 2 postcards and write two unique facts about myself. I decided to make my cards by using cream card stock. Then using a stencil and colored pencils to draw this pretty bird and a butterfly. I am no great artist but I think they turned out pretty well. Here is the second one.

And here is the back of the cards.. I used Microsoft Publisher to add the little stamp picture and the other graphics... The Stamp is my favorite part. It is a bitterroot flower

Have a great day. I'm signing out to do some more crafting.. :) Oh and don't mind the time. I work graveyard so this is the middle of the afternoon for me.

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